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Curious About the Township’s Financials Over the Years?

The Union Township Board of Supervisors recently voted to approve the 2022 budget. With all this budget talk as of late, we decided to take a trip back in time...

Progress at Highland Village!

Exciting progress is taking place at the Highland Village planned residential development site. This development by Scarmazzi Homes began paving and they plan to have a model home constructed in...

Looking Towards Spring at Veterans Memorial Park!

The Township is very excited about the improvements going on to Veterans Memorial Park! According to our engineers, there is a bit of grading to be finished up on the...


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Grant Timeline (2)

2016 – 2021 Grants

Union Township has been working hard to secure grants from a variety of sources- from bridge repairs and sewage projects to municipal building renovations and technology interns, we have funded...

What’s Happening on Pleasantview Road?

As most citizens have noticed, there has been a lot of construction occurring on Pleasantview Road! Two small landslides occurred, so the Board made it a priority to address the...

2021 Municipal Intern Program Complete!

The Union Township Board of Supervisors was excited to announce that Union Township had been chosen as a placement site for an intern through Local Government Academy (LGA) in Spring...