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Welcome to Union Township!

There is a lot happening here and you can be sure that we are looking out for you and your family.  Supervisors Michalle Dupree, Linda Evans-Boren, Larry Spahr, Charles Wilson, and Steve Parish are working tirelessly to move our community forward in 2023.  

We need you!  There will be many opportunities for community members to get involved as we reorganize, so watch this website for a list of options.  If you live in Union Township, you are qualified to sit on a committee.  It's easy!  Please consider volunteering.  Email the office if you'd like to submit your name:  secretary@uniontwp.com

Upcoming meetings will be posted here and are always open to the public.  Agendas are posted prior to the meeting so you know what will be discussed.  If there is something you would like to see on the agenda, call or email us.

Thank You for your support as we transition with a new Board of Supervisors.  Keep watching the videos, having conversations, and asking questions so that you know what's going on.  Your concerns about what's happening in our community are important to us.  Don't hesitate to reach out.

Website  Our website is under construction so check back often as updates are made.



Township News


Fall 2022 Newsletter

We are excited to present our fall 2022 newsletter! If you have any community events that you would like to share please contact: secretary@uniontwp.com You can view the newsletter by...
Union Twp - Automated Collection Posting

Automated Waste Collection- Coming Soon!

Automated waste collection is coming soon to Union Township! Stay tuned for more information on this new system, such as when you will receive your new waste carts and the...
Township Newsletters Gone Digital!

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Union Township is trying out the distribution of digital newsletters! How can you make sure you see our newsletters? You can sign up to receive Township Newsletters directly to your...
Grant Timeline (3)

UPDATED!! 2016 – 2021 Grants Chart

Union Township has been working hard to secure grants from a variety of sources- from bridge repairs and sewage projects to municipal building renovations and technology interns, we have funded...

What’s Happening on Pleasantview Road?

As most citizens have noticed, there has been a lot of construction occurring on Pleasantview Road! Two small landslides occurred, so the Board made it a priority to address the...
Union Township Crest

Overlook Sewer System Complete!

The Overlook Sewer Project went to construction in late 2020, after being started in 2016 after issues with illegal sewer systems were discovered. With the help of an LSA grant...
Image 9

Township Park Renovations

The Township has been working hard on several Township Park projects. Following Veterans Memorial Park safety upgrades that were completed in early 2021, the Township is excited to announce that...
LGA Municipal Intern Program

2021 Municipal Intern LGA Grant Awarded to Union Township for its GIS Database Program!

The Union Township Board of Supervisors is excited to announce that Union Township has been chosen as a placement site for an intern through Local Government Academy (LGA). LGA's Municipal...
Sewer Project in Union Township

$200,000 LSA Grant Awarded for Finleyville-Elrama Road Sewer Project!

Planning and permitting of the Finleyville-Elrama Rd Sewer Project is currently underway. This project will provide public sewage to an additional 19 Union Township residents. This Township has been actively...
Cardox Road Before and After Widening

Cardox Road Widening Project

The largest undertaking this year was widening Cardox Rd. to a safe 24-ft width. The road was as narrow as 14 feet wide in some places and was unsafe for...
foyer renovations

Foyer Renovations

Foyer Renovations are underway at the Township Municipal Building! This project was awarded to MacBracey Corporation for $19,595 in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The office foyer currently is...
Restroom Renovations

Restroom Renovations

One of our big projects in 2020 was updating our bathrooms to be ADA Compliant! This project was made possible through the use of Community Development Block Grant funding through...
Overlook Sewer Project

Overlook Sewer Project

The Overlook Sewer Project went to construction this year, providing public sewage to an additional 27 Union Township parcels. This project was started 2016 after an illegal “wild cat” sewer...