Minutes and Hearing Transcripts


Should any Township Board schedule a hearing, a word-for-word transcription of the proceedings is necessary.  In these cases, a court reporter is brought in to record the transcript.   Minutes will also still be taken by the secretary in the regular summarized fashion for meetings involving the Board of Supervisors.  The hearing transcript will be available for purchase from the court reporter.  Please contact the Township for the name and number of the court reporter used if you would like to purchase a hearing transcript.


The Minutes are kept primarily to record the legal Motions of the Board and to record other basic information such as the names of Supervisors and appointees who attended as well as the names of residents and individuals who spoke or commented at the meeting.

They are also often used to keep track of the progress of projects, to record the timeline of events, to record the basic content of complaints and other topics discussed, as well as a tool for remembering when and with whom the next action lies on any particular subject.

Minutes are not a verbatim account or transcript of the meeting and do not contain direct quotes except very rarely.  Meetings are generally recorded for the purposes of assisting the secretary with recording the minutes. The recording combined with the personal notes of the secretary, when edited and condensed make up the draft of the minutes of a meeting.

The draft Minutes are distributed to the Board prior to the meeting for review.  All Board members have an opportunity to suggest revisions to the Minutes before the meeting.  If provided and acceptable, these revisions are incorporated into the final copy presented at the Board meeting.  If there is sufficient time before the meeting, they are redistributed to the Board.  Otherwise a final copy is presented at the Board table for approval.

Revisions to the Minutes

Any revisions requested at the Board Meeting itself are marked on the final copy using revision markings which show the former text as crossed out and any new text inserted in a different font color.  These revisions are initialed by the Secretary to show that approval was conditioned on these revisions being made. If any major changes were required, the Minutes would not be approved and a new copy would be presented for approval at another meeting of the Board.

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