Documents and Forms

Permits are Required For some projects but not others.  Check the list before inquiring.  Below are the FORMS AND APPLICATIONS used in overseeing and permitting construction and zoning activities in the Township as well as other forms residents may need.  Click here for a link to the Township's Fee Schedule  (Please note that Union Township does not accept cash.)


Building Permit Application Packet

Building Permit Requirements and Procedures (new homes, additions, alterations, garages)

Complaint Form

Conditional Use / Zoning Amendment / Curative Amendment Application

Dog License Application

PROPERTY TRANSFERS IN UNION TOWNSHIP REQUIRE A DYE TEST.  The request for an occupancy permit and/or a lien letter requires passing dye test results.  

Occupancy Permit / No Lien Letter Request  / Change of Address Form
If the property is in the Peters Creek Sanitary Authority area, call them for your dye test @ 724.348.6860.
If the property has a septic system, call Washington County Sewage Council for your dye test @ 724.223.0504.
If the property is in the Elrama / West Elizabeth Sewage Authority area, see forms below for dye test information.

Dye Test Application - West Elizabeth Sewage Authority area

Dye Test Procedure - West Elizabeth Sewage Authority area

Electrical Inspection and Permit Application

Geophysical Seismic Testing

Grading Permit Application

Holding Tank Application - Holding Tank permits must be completed in conjunction with proper Washington County Sewage Council and DEP forms.

Junk Yard License

Landlord’s Tenant Information Form

Legal Driveway vs. Unpermitted Driveway If the driveway will intersect with a PennDOT (state-maintained road.  

Minor Subdivision & Land Development Application

New Address Application

Police Report Request

Residential Deck Guide Information

Right-to-Know Request Form

Road Entry Permit - If the driveway will intersect with a Township Road.

Road Cut / Bore / Occupancy Permit Application

Road Maintenance Agreement

Subdivision Approval Procedure

Variance Application

Variance Procedures

Zoning Application

Heavy Hauling and Bonding Agreement

***Please note that if repairing a road, our construction standards are also on-line in the Land Development Section:  Union Township Construction Standards

Subdivision Guide

**Please note that all subdivisions, large or small, must be accompanied by a Sewage Planning Module and cannot be approved without one.

Fee Schedule 

Minor Subdivision Land Development Application

Before You Dig

Remember to call 811 before digging anywhere or use the website.  Also available are Safety Videos at the website. Also refer to our Pipeline Safety page for more info.

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