Commercial Recycling Reporting

Per Pennsylvania State Act 101 requirements, all municipalities of a certain size are mandated to recycle.  Per the requirements on Union Township, not only residential but commercial businesses must recycle as well.    However, commercial establishments may select their own recycling hauler and are not tied to the hauler contracted by the Township for residential recycling.  The name of the hauler selected should be submitted to the Township.  Your business or your hauler must keep records showing the dates materials were collected.  These reports/records should be broken down by weight and type of material collected (examples of records/receipts can be found at the Act 101 link below).   The reporting form must be submitted to the municipal building by February 1st of each year.     Each business or commercial establishment operating in Union Township is responsible for recycling, keeping track of the amount recycled, and completing the appropriate reporting form and submitting it to the Township or County:

See the Requirements:  Act 101 of 1988 Requirements


Most Commercial Businesses in Union Township will be using Form FM-11 and filing it with Union Township by February 1st:

PDF Version:  FM11 Commercial-Municipal-Institutional Compliance Form
Microsoft format that can be typed into as follows:  4500-FM-SW0011 Annual Recycling Report for Commercial

For Waste Haulers and Document Destruction Companies, and Retail Stores with Many Locations please use either Form FM-12 or FM-13 as follows:

FM12-Transporter-Report-Form – Waste and or Recycling Hauler, a Document Destruction Company,

FM-13 – To Report to County – For a Waste and or Recycling Hauler, a Document Destruction Company