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Veterans Memorial Park (formerly Brownsville Park) is located off of Brownsville Road and is a flurry of activity in spring, summer, and fall. The upper field was built by the Finleyville Soccer Association in 1992. It is actually a full-sized soccer field (120 yards long x 80 yards wide) with legal-size goals. However, the field is divided into smaller fields with temporary goals to allow the Under 6 and Under 8 teams to practice during the week and play games on Saturday. If no associations are using the fields, the use is based on a first-come, first-served basis unless the field or Recreation Building was reserved. 


Please download and complete the Park Rental Application form for the appropriate park and the Release Letter.  Return both forms to the township along with a check (if applicable). Application packets may be dropped off at the front desk during office hours, mailed to the office, or dropped in the drop box near the building entrance.  There is a $25.00 discount for Military Veterans with proper identification.

A refundable deposit ($150.00 if resident or $200.00 if non–resident) is required when picking up the keys for the facilities.  If you do not leave a refundable deposit your reservation will be considered canceled.

Since the Municipal Office is closed on weekends, you will need to pick up your keys the Friday before your event and return them the Monday after.


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Park Rental Rules and Regulations

  1. The required deposit shall be paid when picking up the keys to the facilities.  If you do not leave a deposit your reservation will be considered cancelled.
  2. The $150.00/$200.00 deposit shall not be refunded if abuse of the facilities is evidenced and/or additional cleaning and/or repair is required and any sums incurred by the Township to cover the costs and expenses for cleaning, repair, remedying the condition of the premises that occurred during the applicants use shall be paid by the applicant, and the undersigned agrees that he/she is individually responsible for said funds.  It is suggested that you take pictures before your event and after the event to use as proof of condition.  
  3. Refund of the deposit shall be authorized after the park area has been inspected. The refund shall be processed within 8 days following the inspection.
  4. The required park rental fee as indicated below shall be paid to reserve the park and is not refundable.
  5. There shall be no smoking in any Township building.
  6. No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted on the park premises except where the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has granted an appropriate permit of license for the same.
  7. The park property shall be left in a clean and orderly condition. If condition of the facilities is unclean or damaged at the beginning of rental then notify the Recreation Board of Township office immediately. The following clean-up procedures shall be implemented prior to vacating the premises:

Tables and chairs used shall be returned to their original place in a clean and undamaged condition.

  • All lights and water shall be turned off’ prior to vacating the park.
  • All trash shall be placed in the receptacles or proper places located at the park.
  • The kitchen, floors and bathrooms must be left in a clean and orderly fashion.
  • All signage and party supply materials erected shall be removed from the park.
  • Park shall be vacated by dusk with exceptions granted only be permission from the Recreations Board.
  • Any malfunctions, damages, accidents of the like shall be reported to the Township office.


Elrama Park:

28 Davidson Avenue

Elrama, PA 15038

Veterans Memorial Park:

6120 Brownsville Road Ext

Finleyville, PA 15332

Jason Park:

Parcel ID: 640-003-03-06-0018