Union Township Road Department

General Information

The Road Department can be reached to report any dangerous situation with the roads at 724-348-4250 x 3.  Albert Banahasky is our Road Supervisor.  

Union Township is responsible for all Township Roads. On this map, they are identified with a number beginning with T.  If a T does not precede the number, the road is a State Route handled by Penn Dot, or it may be a private road maintained by those who reside there.

The Union Township Road Department handles all paving, patching, snow removal, storm drain clearing and brush trimming. Please contact us at 724-348-4250 x 3 if a township road requires attention.

Information about our Road Construction Standards are included in the Constructions Standards packet under the heading for road-related permits. More information can be found under our Applications and Permits and Land Development.

State Road Help

If you need to report an issue with a State Road, call Penn Dot at 1-800-FIX-ROAD. Union Township is in District 12-4. You will want to identify the road by its State Route Number which can be found on the map (Union Township Roadmap PDF).  Contact the PennDot Customer Care Center where you can report a concern on state-owned road conditions, construction projects, signs or signals, speed limits or damage to personal property.

PennDot has sent communications to the Township that motorists can check conditions on more than 40,000 roadway miles by visiting www.511PA.com. 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information and access to more than 770 traffic cameras.  511PA is also available through a smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website.

Snow Removal

During a snow event, the crew will listen to messages, but cannot return calls. Please make sure you are calling about a Township road and not a State road. Every Township road gets treated during slippery conditions. The designated routes have been in place for many years and are designed to best utilize each truck's specific hauling capacity and proximity to the salt storage shed when the trucks are empty. Special consideration is given to heavily traveled roads, roads that are on school bus routes, and roads that have steep sections. Special consideration is not given to any particular resident. Saltin each route takes approximately three hours and, when plowing, the route takes approximately four hours. Each driver completes his designated route a minimum of two times during a snow event.

Please do not block the roads as the plows need to get through.  When in doubt, please check the Union Township Parking Ordinance - Snow Event.


For dead animals on State Roads call, 724-223-4480. If the animal is on a Township road, please call our municipal office at 724-223-4480 or Animal Control Services at 724-503-4417. If the animal is blocking or obstructing traffic, please dial 9-1-1 so that it can be removed quickly. For more information about animals in the Township, please visit our Animal Control Page.