Animal Control


Kym Secreet, is the appointed Animal Control Officer, for issues involving dogs only,  at 724-503-4417.   If you have lost a pet, you may want to check with the Animal Control Officer and/or the Humane Society at 724-746-4344 to see if it has been found.   You may also ask the road crew to keep their eyes open for the animal as they travel Township roads 724-348-4250 x3.  However, If you need to purchase a dog license, contact Washington County or see the County Website for an application:  Dog License

Wild and Domestic Animals

For Complaints concerning wildlife or game animals, please call the Southwest Region of the Pennsylvania Game Commission at (724)-238-9523 or 9524.

Dead Animals on Roads

For dead animals on State Roads call PennDot at 724-223-4480   There is also a link to a state on-line complaint form on the Road Work page of this website:  Road Work and Snow Removal. 

The Game Commission website also says they can direct you to the appropriate agency to remove dead deer.  Contact Game Commission

For dead animals on Township Roads call the Road Crew at 724-348-4250 x3 or x5.

If the animal is an obstruction to traffic, please call 911 so that it can be moved off the road.

Dead animals on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.


Information on rabies provided by USDA – Wildlife Division: Rabies Question and Answer Information – USDA Wildlife 2016.