For Emergencies Call 911

Township Police Assistance is Handled through City of Monongahela Police Department.

City of Monongahela

Union Township contracts with the City of Monongahela Police Department for twenty-four hour police services.  Monongahela Police Officers have a local office at the Township building to use when an officer is on duty in Union Township but all administrative matters will be handled at their home office.

Non-Emergency Calls

For all non-emergency calls, you may choose to call 724-782-0670 to ring the officer-on-duty's desk phone here in Union Township.  Please note that, since the officer-on-duty does spend much of his/her time out patrolling or responding to calls, most often, the police officer will not be at his/her desk to answer your non-emergency call and you will be prompted to leave a message instead.   Please note that your message will not be checked by the officer-on-duty or any other person until the officer returns to the building.  Depending on the matter, it may be best to call 911.

Copies of Police Reports

You will want to call the non-emergency police phone at the Union Township building and leave a message at 724-782-0670 requesting the report so that the officer can see if it is ready and leave it to be picked up as, most likely, if you just show up at the building, the officer will be out patrolling or on a call.    If you do stop a the building, we have forms on the front table you can fill out asking for the report.  The form will be given to the police officer and he will call you when it is ready to be picked up or give you instructions on how to obtain a copy.

Drug Task Force Calls

The drug task force can be contacted anonymously at 1-800-281-0070.


An application to Carry firearms CANNOT be obtained at the municipal building.
Please see the Washington County Website Sheriff’s Office Firearms Division

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Non-Emergency Phone Calls

Copies of police reports

Drug task force