Boards & Professionals

Board of Supervisors

Supervisor/Chairperson: Mrs. Heather L. Daerr
Term ends 2023

Vice-Chairperson/Roadmaster: Mr. Charles E. Trax Jr.
Terms ends 2025

Supervisor/Treasurer: Mr. Richard L. Lawson
Term ends 2023

Supervisor: Mr. Michael Barna
Term ends 2023

Supervisor: Ms. Michalle Dupree
Term ends 2027


Parks and Recreation Board

Chairperson: Dr. Heather Dougherty- Term ends 12/2026
Member: Mr. Matthew Graham- Member- Term ends 12/2024
Member: Mr. Anthony Raco-Term ends 12/2023
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Jessica Raco Term ends 12/22

Alternate: VACANCY

Board of Auditors

Chairman: Mr. Lawrence Spahr- Term ends 12/2025

Secretary: Dr. Lori Kenavey- Term ends 12/2027


Municipal School & Real Estate Tax Collector

Bernadette Speer- Term Ends 2025 - 724.348.9000
Mailing Address: 5106 Chevy Chase Drive

Office Hours for in-person Tax collection from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm at the Municipal Building:

March 31, April 18, 19, 21, 25, 26 ,28 June 30, Sept 15, October 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 31 and December 15, 29

Planning Department

Solicitor: Mr. Michael C. Cruny, Esq
Secretary:  Supervisor Heather L. Daerr, - Term ends 12/2024
Vice-Chair: Supervisor Charles E. Trax Jr., Chairman- Term ends 12/2024
Chairperson: Dr. Heather Dougherty- Term ends 12/2024
Alternate: VACANCY
Planning Director: Mr. Sean O'Dell, PE
Twp Engineer: Harshman CE Group, LLC.

Zoning Hearing Board

Chairperson: Don "DJ" Fincham- Term ends 12/2023
Vice-Chair: George Powell- Term ends 12/2024
Member: Kevin Daerr- Term ends 12/2022

WESA- Union Township Representative

Chuck Wilson- Term ends 12/2026

Vacancy Board

Member: Paul Calderone- Term ends 12/2026

Appointed Professionals

Solicitor: Sweat Law Offices
Accounting & Payroll Administration: Palermo/Kissinger & Assoc
Twp Engineer: Harshman CE Group LLC
Secretary/Asst. Treasurer: Ms. Roberta Singer
Zoning/Code Office: Harshman CE Group LLC

Right to Know Officers: Ms. Roberta Singer & Ms. Sarah Scott, Esq.
Emergency Management Coordinator: Chief Leonard Bailey - Elrama VFD