Overlook Sewer Project

The Overlook Sewer Project went to construction this year, providing public sewage to an additional 27 Union Township parcels. This project was started 2016 after an illegal “wild cat” sewer was found connected to South Park Township’s sewer system. Over the past four years, the Township has been actively pursuing planning, permitting, designing, and funding for this project, including receiving a $250,000 LSA construction grant in 2018. The Township was finally able to move forward with bidding and construction this year, and the project was awarded to M. O’Herron for $293,202 in May. Between May and September, the Township worked to finalize the PENNVEST loan for the project, and M. O’Herron was finally able to break ground in September 2020. Construction is currently wrapping up, with residents able to tap into the sewer over the next few months. We are excited to have these sewers in place, solving a decades old problem of illegal sewers and malfunctioning septic systems. We are actively working to sewer two other areas in the Township!


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