Cardox Road Speed Management

On June 5, 2020, the Board received two petitions from residents of Cardox Rd. The following requests were made in the petition, and an update on each is provided below:

  • Electronic Speed Sign
    The Township has purchased and installed a speed radar sign on Cardox Rd. It is placed in the south-bound lane, just as you enter the densely residential neighborhood near S.R. 88. We are hopeful that this sign causes traffic to slow down and be mindful of safety entering the residential neighborhood.
  • Speed Humps
    The Board is actively working on the studies required to install speed humps on Cardox Rd. The design will have to be approved by PennDOT, and they require special traffic calming studies before they will approve the installation. The first step in these studies is to get traffic counts., which will begin as soon as Cardox Rd is reopened to the public. The electronic speed sign purchased by the Board will collect the data needed to begin these studies. The data will then be passed on to LTAP, a state-run technical assistance program available to Municipalities at no cost. This will save the tax payers a significant amount of money in determining if speed humps are viable or permittable on Cardox Rd. We will keep you posted as we hear more!
  • Guiderail in front of 14 Cardox Rd
    Guiderail has been installed in front of 14 Cardox Rd per the petition request, as part of the 2020 Road Program.
  • French Drain in front of 14 Cardox Rd
    A French Drain was installed in front of 14 Cardox Rd per the petition request, as part of the 2020 Road Program.
  • Reduce Width of Proposed Widening Project from 24-ft to 22-ft
    The Board voted not to move forward with granting this request. The Township’s road standard calls for a 24-ft-wide road, and the Board wanted to stick to their published standards.

In addition to the written petitions submitted by the residents of Cardox Road, many residents of Cardox Road attended public meetings in the summer of 2019 to voice concern regarding overweight vehicles traversing Cardox Rd. Cardox Rd is currently posted at a vehicle weight maximum of 10 tons, but many loaded construction vehicles were being seen traveling up and down Cardox Rd regardless. Residents were concerned about their safety as well as the deteriorating conditions of the road due to this overweight vehicle traffic. The Township discussed these concerns with residents and came up with a solution with them, in a public meeting, that cameras would be installed to catch overweight vehicles. The Township is happy to report that these cameras were installed in June 2020 and the Township was able to catch over 20 violations to report to the police to follow up with ticketing before Cardox Rd was closed for construction in the fall. We are happy to have been able to assist the residents of Cardox Rd, as requested, and will continue reviewing and pursuing citations for violations once the road is reopened to through traffic.


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Jessica (Barringer) Stiner, PE
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