2021 Municipal Intern Program Complete!

The Union Township Board of Supervisors was excited to announce that Union Township had been chosen as a placement site for an intern through Local Government Academy (LGA) in Spring of 2021. LGA’s Municipal Intern Program (MIP) is a paid summer internship that connects graduate and undergraduate students with eligible municipal Placement Sites. The Academy accepts project applications from the Placement Sites, which are then reviewed anonymously and ranked according to program criteria. The process is highly competitive, and the Board is thrilled to have been chosen!

Terri Gladus, a Master of Public Administration student from the University of Pittsburgh, worked with the Township’s appointed engineering firm to develop a GIS (Geographic Information System) database for the Township’s infrastructure (roads, sanitary sewers, stormwater sewers, etc.). This is an extremely useful tool to electronically track and store information, such as maintenance records, age, condition, and more. GIS also streamlines important Township processes, such as Capital Improvement Plans and routine maintenance programs. With the basics of the database complete and the internship at its conclusion, Terri will be staying with the Township as a part-time employee to maintain the database and work with the existing staff and Board on other administrative tasks!

Click here for an example of a map that was made during her internship that helps the public better understand zoning in the Township!


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