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In the Spring of 2021, Union Township Supervisors began collaborating with lifelong Township resident, Mr. Tanner Smida to introduce PulsePoint to our community. Mr. Smida is a medical student and EMT who introduced PulsePoint to the community at several UT public meetings. PulsePoint is a 911-connected mobile application that works to connect those who are medically trained within the community and qualified responders to medical emergencies where cardiac arrest, or a need for CPR, is suspected. The Board hired Mr. Smida as a part-time intern to move this initiative forward. There is much detailed planning involved with this project, including seeking approval from Washington County EMS services and working with Washington County 911 for program implementation. The Township will keep you posted as new opportunities regarding PulsePoint are created within our community! For more information on PulsePoint in general, please visit

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